Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Music Shout Out: F-Drop from The 513

Happy to be giving this long overdue review and shout out to my fellow up and coming musician and hustler, F-Drop. We went to the same high school in Cincinnati and used to play basketball at lunch time, we ran with different circles but was always cool.  At that time, I had no inclination that I would ever do music but I'm excited that music is what has brought us back in contact after all these years.

The homie was gracious enough to personally mail me his single, "Netflix & Chill" and his first Mixtape, "The Drip" but before I get right into the music itself, let me say that from a social media and branding perspective, his packaging, artwork and promotional poster is all professional quality, super creative and overall dope as fuck. I gotta salute his business intelligence straight out the gates.

To start with the single, "Netflix & Chill" feat. Mic Love, was surprisingly original, with a catchy hook, hot for the ladies, radio friendly and relatable with A1 production. I can definitely see this song perfect for a video. I think it all fits together nicely and if he continues to carve out this space of rap and R&B type fusion, he will end up with a hit for sure.

Moving on to the mixtape, "The Drip: First Dose" presented by F-Drop & Rawksolid Productions is overall a body of work that I smoke and drive to. Right off the bat, I love the concept and the first track, "Emergency Room" sets the tone and shows his versatility as he delivers a harder vibe than "Netflix & Chill."

The second track, "How Bad" is fire. It has a true life message, "when the lights green you should never be stopping." The hook flows, wisdom in the lyrics and punchlines. For me it's all there.

"Wait" is the tape's club banger, and third song in the line up, a fun song that brings you back to the same texture as "Netflix & Chill". It has a strong hook with sing-a-long potential.

Fourth we have "LaLa", my favorite song of his I've heard. It's the real hip-hop shit, showcasing wordplay and meaningful lyrics. I have to give a shout out to the producer, Vince Esquire, on this track too cause the beat is fire!! If I had to throw out some constructive criticism I would say if this mixtape had one or two more songs in the texture of this one it would have taken it to the next level. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more of this side of F-Drop in future material.

The final tack "Y.O.U. (ft. Patricia Edwards)" wraps it up with a dope hook and vocals from a female which is a nice switch up. The flow is consistent and lyrics coming right from the heart. The soulful, home cooked type of vibe rounds out the project. Overall F-Drop is definitely representing the 513 in the right way, definitely Cincy Hustle Music. Keep it up my brotha and God Bless.

To Listen to F-Drop, check him out on Soundcloud @ALLTHINGSDROP and show love on Facebook and Twitter.