Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How Fuckin Dope is Curren$y And the Jet Set?

A few days ago I was lucky enough to see Curren$y (Spitta) and The Jet Life Crew perform live at Union Nightclub in Los Angeles. This experience was extra special to me because I have been a fan of Spitta's since about 2010 when I heard his "Where The Cash At" verse on a Lil Wayne mixtape. It inspired me to search out his other material at and I've been bumpin him ever since. 

I became incredibly inspired by his music because his content reminds me of my Uncles and older cousins. He raps about his every day life. Also, if you know anything about Curren$y, his branding skills and consistency are second to none. I have learned a lot from his strategy and will definitely be borrowing certain techniques from him and other down south rappers.

My lady and I often scan through LA WEEKLY for upcoming concerts and shows, when she pointed out Curren$y was playing there was no way I was going to miss it. The venue was cozy as fuck despite the incredible heat, the anticipation of Spitta's entrance was so thick you could feel it in the air, and the marijuana smoke was like five dudes hot boxing a Honda Civic. Obviously I felt right at home. Leading up to the main event we were surprised to see other members of the Jet Life Crew performed in the opening slots, including TY Son of a Gangsta and another of my favorite artists, Corner Boy P. They all killed it, which perfectly set the stage for Curren$y.

When he finally came out, I was immediately touched by his sheer confidence. His God Given Star Power is incredible. His stage presence is extremely sharp. I got the feeling each step, movement and gesture he made was premeditated. He left no stone un-turned performing obvious classics from his vast catalogue of music as well as new cuts and often cuing his DJ to kill the beat to flow A cappella. He engaged with the crowd as if they were his best friends, taking photos, slapping hands and puffing joints passed his way. Even though he along with everyone else in the building was dripping with sweat you could feel that everyone was having a good time.

Almost a week later I'm still buzzing with the energy that my Spirit was able to absorb from him and everybody who graced the stage that night. I know I was supposed to be there that night as I feel the momentum beginning to build in my own career. This night definitely gave me a clearer vision of what a great hip-hop show looks like. I loved it. #plssaythe513

Check it out: One of my favorite songs in life....Curren$y feat 2 Chainz - Capitol

Monday, June 20, 2016

You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits...

Whats good people?! I'm happy to report that I am recording new music...FINALLY...

Thank you again to all the people from all over the world who have taken a chance on me over these past few years. By buying my Mixtape on Hollywood Boulevard, you have literally lifted me up from damn near homeless living in LA.

I went from sleeping on rooftops and train stations to having my own apartment in the heart of Hollywood, a super clean Mercedes-Benz that I paid for in full, cash on spot, to having enough financial resources and Freedom to completely transform my diet and eating habits in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle! Plus, I have been able to start a lucrative and growing Airbnb business renting out Luxury Apartments to tourist...

The crazy thing about it? My journey is just getting started!! I am by no means where I would like to be and I have no plans on stopping... I'm not saying writing about all of this to brag or come off as any better than the next man, I'm just reflecting on how far I have come and giving thanks for the process. I am in heavy pursuit of my dreams and being in the studio right now brings all my past struggle to the surface and makes me want to work harder and put it all back into the music!!!!

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bless Up...and Up Grade!!!

Brand new CD Burner just came in!!

Old one on the right, new one on the left....

Fresh out the box: smaller, faster, better!!

Feeling extremely blessed to be able to invest back into my music and hustle. No middle man, no waiting on someone to do it for me. Switched up from a Bravo Pro to a Bravo SE. Google them!!! #bigmoney

Soon I will no longer be selling mixtapes, but all my own original music. My vision is not just to be a successful artist but to be a successful independent artist/ businessman. This takes time. And when you have this kind of frame of mind these are the type moves I feel are most important to make.

My new music will be digitally distributed and available for sale online, but I still look forward to selling it by hand, thanks to this printer! That way, I continue to set the bar for myself. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

You Knew I Was Grindin'

It feels good to be back in the studio making new music, it's been forever and I'm starting to feel like my hard work is paying off. Being in a top notch facility is definitely a lot different than standing in my closet recording. For a split second I felt a little bit of nervous energy which turned into excitement and a chance to show my skills. I'm grateful to all those who support my movement. You won't be disappointed! #pp513hustle #watchOUT