Monday, January 23, 2012

adidas Roundhouse Mid Black/Running White

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adidas Roundhouse Mid
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Saturday, January 21, 2012


In my mind, Nike is by far the greatest brand of all time. No brand better captures the competitive pioneer spirit of America, while consistently pushing the boundaries of new ideas in sports technology. THE NIKE+ FUELBAND. I love it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

50 Cent Returns to The CNET Stage at CES 2012

Take a look at a side of  50 Cent that you might not have ever seen before, truly inspirational for me and as you can see--even  the OG  has a little nerd in him.

My Top 5 Most Valuable Social Networks For Indie Musicians

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As you know there are countless social networks out there, and it seem like every day I'm making another profile on some new site that does something super cool and allows you to connect which people in some fun way that you hadn't before. Like Instagram, which did not make this list but is my honorable mention for best new social network on the planet. Haha. I  thought it would be a good idea for me to share my top five most important social networks and how I'm currently using them in conjunction to build a small buzz for myself as a musician.

 1. YouTube -  my number one and most imporant place to establish a credible presence  is YouTube. Really, this is a no brainer. We have all seen the the videos that are uploaded and randomly gets a billion hits and go viral, making some kid famous for blowing heart-shaped snot buggers from his nose. Haha. The chances of your videos just sky rocketing to viral status is very, very slim! However, what I have come to love about YouTube is that it still allows you as an individual to upload visuals at your pace and get a real  feel for who your audience is.

2. Facebook - my number two most important social network is, of course, Facebook. You must use the Facebook to collect fans and stay connected with like-minded individuals. To me, Facebook is awesome because it is with this site that you will share all your YouTube videos and content from other sites. If you are using your news feed and status updates right--it can give people a better feel for the kind of person you really are, and keep your voice relevant in your audiences' eyes while in between projects and even allowing  them to participate in the making of it. Facebook is crucial if you're looking to be successful at anything now a days. Lol. Do study it, and use it.

3. Blogger - at  the number three spot, is Blogger. Although I'm new to Blogger myself, the platform is really easy to navigate, customize and make uniqe to your brand. To me, it acts like the mother-ship to all your sites. The goal is to drive your audience from all of your various sites to this one place where they can go to get the newest information on you and your project. Also, if you're a good blogger, there are plenty of ways to monetize and turn your blog into a good source of revenue.

4. Tumblr - this might be surprising to you, but I am putting both Blogger and Tumbler before Twitter.
That's right, my number four spot goes to Tumblr. It's like Blogger in the sense that it's a good place where your audience can go to get a deeper feel of what you're all about. Tumblr makes it really easy to have a nice professional blog, and you can just reblog the content you like from others'.

5. Twitter - my last and, at this point, least favorite social network is Twitter. I'm not in any way trying to bash Twitter, Its obvious that it can be a very powerful tool to help share and creat awareness about your projects. The thing is, I feel like Twitter can be a bigger waste of time if you are not using is properly. With that being said, I'll keep you up to date as I learn more about Twitter and how I can make better use of it.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

B.o.B - Play The Guitar ft. André 3000 [AUDIO]


QR Codes For The Indie Musicians of The Future

The indie musicians of the future have technologies unlike ever before. I think it's important I let you know more about my connection to social media and the roles it plays in my life and in my pursuit to become a successful musician and entrepreneur. I was bit by the radio active bug back in 2008, before then I had never wrote raps or song lyrics nor ever imagined I'd want to, or be where I am today. I can remember being on Facebook when I was at the University of Cincinnati and you had to have an edu email and be a college student to sign up, and like everyone else, I loved how all of a sudden you could keep in touch with long lost friends, make new connections across the country, and put yourself out there with a real chance of having people hear your voice. I can also vividly remember thinking, this cuts the middle man out! lol. No matter what market you're in, social media allows anyone with a product or service to reach and speak directly to potential customers. They didn't have any classes on this in school. I dropped out, haven't been the same since, and the student is now teacher.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Free Concert on L.A.’s Skid Row

In just three days on Jan 15, Public Enemy along with  Cypress Hill, and more will be putting on a free concert in downtown LA's skid row.  If you don't know, or you've never been to skid row you can take my word for it-- it's not a place you would like to be. Honestly, it's like  a zombie town unfortunately, where the city's largest amount of homeless people live in tints or cardboard box houses scattered up and down the streets. However, the fact the the legendary public enemy and others will be doing a concert to shine some light on this dark situation is awesome and a step in the right direction. Check out the original article I found on I'm also going to try and make it to this event and use my TV channel to give you a first hand look at skid row.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Peter Parker 513 - King Kong Cartoon! lol

I'm a fuckin' nerd!!! Bahahah.  I was that kid who was always getting yelled at by his teachers because my   home work books and folders always had cartoon drawings, covering them.  So when a friend of mine introduced  me to as it first came out, it was haven sent. It's super easy to make the cartoons and upload to YouTube and share on all your social platforms. To me, this is the coolest part because I like to add calls to action in all my cartoons so that they become little promo tools. So yes,  you can look forward to more cartoons starring me!!! Haha.

THE Cincinnati Riot 2

I love MY city, and I love to see this come together! No, I am not in this installment but I've got a  good feeling about the future. This is a very positive thing!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bands and Artists "Like" Facebook most.

What you are looking at is a survey that was published not to long ago. It was a partnered experiment by ReverbNation and Digital Music News. The results show that Facebook "likes" are apparently worth three times more then all of the other top social networking sites till this date.  

Complex Magazine Featuring Loni Schick Ft. Peter Parker 513

A little over a year ago, I was lucky enough to meet and network with a very talented and ambitious photographer/blogger from Canada, named Loni Schick. We where able to set up a photo shoot and interview for her official blog. As she was interviewing me I spent most of the time free styling and walking around Hollywood as she took photos and asked questions. We where also able to share some of our aspirations, and at that time I remember thinking she was extremely knowledgeable about hip hop, and her love for the culture was just as equally sincere as my own. Today I was overly grateful when she hit me up to let me know that a spread of hers was featured in Complex Magazine and she was kind enough to include me. 513 stand up! Lol
Here is a link to the spread:

Also, take a look at her blog: