Thursday, September 29, 2016

We're Back with Music Success Week 5: Youtube

Okay, so I took a little hiatus from my Music Success in 9 Weeks book but not because I was slacking, simply because life happens, you know? I am blessed to have been able to move into newer, bigger, better, and opulent feeling apartment, and have refocused a little more energy back into my block hustle this past few weeks. Now, with my new place mostly sorted out and positive energies all around I'm ready to pick up where I left off on Week 5: The Musician's Guide to Youtube.

Again, it's cool to see that so much of what I'm being instructed to do by this book are things that I already have a pretty solid handle on, Youtube being one of them. And I completely agree with the authors sentiments regarding the power of video. Expect to see a lot more visual content from me in the next few months! That being said, it's important to understand how Google (who as of 2006 owns Youtube) and Youtube interact in order to strengthen your online presence.

Think of Youtube like all your other social media networks. Hyatt suggests you make friends with other users, watch videos, subscribe to channels you like, add videos to your favorites, comment on videos, rate comments, and post video responses. This level of interactivity helps to market you and your music, interact with fans, other artists and potential partners, increases your Google index as well as attracts more fans in hopes that you will achieve the elusive status of a "Viral Sensation."

Some homework: Spend some time watching what is already working on Youtube and follow. You can see the most watched videos on Youtube here: to get an idea of what people want to see, then incorporate these elements into your own content.

When you're ready to make videos, think about what is going to be appealing to your target audience. Keep your videos to less than 3 minutes and always include a Call to Action. In other words, invite them to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter if they like the video, but only use one call to action per video so you don't confuse your audience. Getting viewers to take action is the whole point of making a video.

Since Youtube is also a search engine consider including content that people already know they are looking for, use this site to see what people are searching for: . Another strategy, that doesn't necessarily apply to rappers, but for you singer/songwriters out there reading, Cover Songs really work! So pick a few of your favorite songs and create your best version for your channel.

The author, then goes on to explain a step by step on how to set up your Youtube channel if you don't already have one. I won't go into too much detail here but some main points are to choose the "musician channel" option, keep your colors and branding consistent with your other social media accounts and website and think about including keywords in your title.

To optimize your channel, titles are key. according to some Youtube studies, the biggest factor determining success on a video's click though is directly related to the video's title. Always include artist/band name, song title and any other important info/ relevant keywords. The description box is also really important so put your website (with the http:// part so that it shows up as a hyperlink) and a little explanation of the video itself. After you have chosen the proper video category, make sure you tag with no more than 7-8 related words, genres, people, themes etc. Once your video is uploaded remember to share it on your other Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and your Blog. Finally, use the "Analytics" tab in your "Creator Studio" to follow the success of your video and see if your Call to Action is working.
 (A screenshot from my recent #SoGoneChallenge video including all the necessary info and keywords as explained in the chapter)

That about does it for the Youtube overview, as always, let me know what you think and if you need more information on something I talked about just ask. I know it can be overwhelming but helping you helps me. So have fun with Youtube and don't worry if you don't have the best camera or the most awesome editing skills. Just trust that if you put yourself out there all that extra stuff will eventually come to you! Good Luck!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vegetarian to Vegan - - Why?

If you have been reading my posts or following me on any of my social media platforms you know that I am a very proud vegetarian. It has been over a year since I gave up meat completely and I'm still going strong. I have touched on this topic before in previous posts so feel free to catch up with my journey here. Lately, it has been on my mind and heart to make the transition from vegetarian to vegan.

For those that don't know the difference, a Vegetarian doesn't eat meat or fish but still eats cheese, milk, eggs, and other dairy products like ice cream, sour cream, mayo etc. Someone who is Vegan does not consume any animal products at all and instead finds all the necessary nutrients from leafy greens, a variety of fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Seriously, the protein and calcium debates are really just another form of mainstream media mind control.

Anyway, back to why I'm turning Vegan. At this point my taste buds have changed enough that I know I can enjoy Vegan food and not feel like I'm missing out. I've discovered enough alternatives that are as good or better than what I was used. Since I have been eating fruits and vegetables more consistently my body has become more keen to when I eat processed foods aka "crackfood" as I call it. There is a noticable difference in how I feel after I eat fast food, junk food and cheese/dairy loaded foods.

I want to be the best I can possibly be, musically, emotionally, physically, spiritually, economically etc and I feel like a fucking zombie when I eat something that I know is poison. I mean when you really think about dairy, it just doesn't make any sense. This is a substance designed by God to develop a baby cow into an adult cow and it is beyond terrible for your human body. Fact.

My sensory reasons aside, the meat and dairy industries have a horrible impact on the planet, the environment and obviously the animals themselves and it's just not something my conscience will allow me to contribute to anymore. I'm amazed at how many people want to be healthy, try to be healthy and yet still don't know the facts about the "crack" they are eating and it's injustices. The fact of the matter is, that these processed foods and animal products are highly addictive and designed to keep us coming back for more. Obey! Consume! Buy! Conform!

But it's a lot harder than you might think to kick it all!! Reading labels, curbing cravings and breaking habits, it's a lot. So, instead I am working towards gradual change. A vegan meal here and there, an entire vegan day sometimes, and eventually it will all disappear out of my life for good. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

How Do You Stay Motivated By Making Short Term Goals?

Today I want to write about the helpfulness of setting short term goals, and how I use this habit to keep me focused on the big picture. Living in Hollywood has taught me so much about what it truly takes to be successful and there is a lot of noise out here that can knock you off.

It's very sad to say, but if you where to walk up and down the streets of Hollywood you'd find countless homeless people, addicts and people who have just lost their minds. The majority are just kids younger then me. They all came here in search of a dream, in exactly the same way that I have.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful that I've got the this crazy 513 hustle mentality witch has allowed me to develop and a life style and the skills I need to get paid in the streets everyday. Then again thats just the thing, I've been hustling the streets for five years and now and on the surface it seems like I've made no real moves towards what anybody would call real success in the music industry.

I hardly care what people think and I'm well aware that success is a state of mind. I love short term goals for this reason. They set you up for long term success. Allow me to give you and example. All the money I make selling CD's are technically donations which means in order to stay within the law, I am not allowed to tell people a certain set price. The customers can pay the amount they feel is right.

I have 20 songs on my mixtape, so I usually feel most people can give $20 which is only $1 dollar a song. Sounds fair enough right? But lets just say at the very least I get $5 per CD. Not a very motivating number right? But let say I sell only 30 CD's per day at $5 a piece, this turns out to be $150 per day. $150 per day add's up to $4,500 per month. $4,500 per month add's up to $54k per year and that's more than most people with degrees make and even my old teachers didn't make $50k! Lol. So you see, now I'm feeling motivated!

By setting short term goals you're able to find success in everything you do. I guess I'd define a short term goal as something similar to what Ariel Hyatt talks about in Music Success in 9 Weeks. (Read more in one of my previous posts.) Writing down 5 small successes each day, that eventually accumulate. Sell 30 CD's each day for at least $5 each and eventually that will accumulate into $50k!!!

Now how can you apply a similar principle to your larger goals? If you want to lose 20 lbs can you break it down to 1-2l bs per day? Or what if you wanted to write a book. Try 5 pages per day. Set short term goals and be proud of yourself when you accomplish these seemingly small successes. That's the journey towards victory!