Thursday, September 28, 2017

Feels Good to be able to put some Shit out...

Peter Parker 513 - Cut It (Freestyle) 

Peter Parker 513 - Them Dirty Dollas

This post goes out strictly to my Manifest Hustlers. First off, I'm very very happy to say that I have successfully released two videos off my Manifest Hustle vol. 1 Mixtape Project and I'm so grateful to everyone that played a part in making this happen. You know who you are, God Bless you and I wish for you everything that I wish for myself. 

Secondly, I'd like to take this as an opportunity to speak to you guys, the ones that have been supporting and watching me over the years. As an artist, skill-wise, and creatively I feel like I'm at the top of my game. I feel like I'm the game's best-kept secret. Not to sound cliche but that's honestly how I feel. When I finally get everything figured out...from the block hustle to myself as an artist and as a businessman, everything that I do will definitely make more sense to you. However, I got to be honest in the fact that I don't know exactly how it's gonna come together and I don't know when. 

My mission is to maintain the lifestyle that I've built for myself over the last few years with my mixtapes and consistently deliver new and better music without jeopardizing that lifestyle. Also, I want to remind you guys that in no way shape or form am I looking to "be discovered." My dream and vision is to one day make the transition from a mixtape hustler on Hollywood Blvd to an independent performing artist and do it all on my own terms without sacrificing who I am as a man and spiritual being. 

Thank you and again I hope ya'll enjoy these two videos! If you haven't already, listen to the full mixtape, Manifest Hustle volume 1 on soundcloud. Feel free to reach out to me and let me know what you honestly think. All feedback is good feedback.