Peter parker 513 born Giles Sylvester Williams the III in Compton, California in 1985 to a sixteen-year-old Mom during one of the most influential times and places in hip hop culture makes him one of the last True 80s babies. GILE$ was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and it was by his Mother that GILE$ was first introduced to hip-hop and rap. Singing Tupac, Snoop Dogg and even freestyling herself was GILE$ first exposure to the culture and he instantly became a lifelong fan.

From an early age, he became obsessed with the music and began to study rappers like Master P, Fresh Prince, Big Daddy Kane, and Kid in Play. These artists had such a profound impact on him that to this day he feels he is only just an extension of these icons. Growing up in the suburbs he was the kid that knew all the underground stats, but even in High School GILE$ never really imagined himself becoming a rapper, instead, he remained a diehard fan. It wasn't until College that he first began to hear murmurs of hip-hop calling him to rap.

Though, the first in his family to go to College, the release of Kanye West's "College Dropout" album sparked a new attitude in GILE$ and he made up his mind to stop school, forget the idea of a traditional job and move to California. Los Angeles inspired GILE$ to write his first raps, perform open mics and finally see the vision of himself as a rapper.

Seemingly becoming a different person when he spits and catching people off guard with his super conscious and positive raps, is what precipitated a co-worker at Footlocker to don him, Peter Parker. GILE$ adopted the name almost immediately as he grew up loving and idolizing Spiderman and super Heroes in general. He resonated with the analogy that Peter Parker was smart but didn't have it all figured out until he was bitten by the Spider which gave him his abilities, confidence, and strength. GILE$ saw himself in this story and found himself "bitten" when he made the concrete decision to follow his visions of being a rapper.

Not long after he added, "the 513" to pay homage to the city that raised him, giving him a sense of individuality. Peter Parker 513 reflects his nerdy personality with the mentality of a G that is still conscious and shows pride for his city. 
Having quit Foot Locker and bouncing from couch to couch, family members at that time were unable to see his rap star vision which led to him being homeless. For months GILE$ stayed all over L.A., at parks, train stations, and random people's couches, but he always maintained the thoughts of success in his mind. The day that he saw brother's hustling their CDs on Hollywood Boulevard was the day that everything changed for Peter Parker 513.
Selling basically anything he could get his hands on, GILE$ was able to accumulate enough money to record his first mixtape, "The 513-00." A compilation of his raw talent at the time with a focus on conscious rhymes, "The 513-00" is a representation of what it means for a brother from Cincinnati to make it in Cali. Tracks like "Best Rapper Alive" define this tape as Peter Parker 513 spits the truth with an epic video to match.
With his first body of work in hand, Peter Parker 513 hit the boulevard to embark on the greatest hustle manifestation of all time. He studied the veterans and learned to master the art of selling CDs. Working consistently 8-10 hours a day for the next year or so finally afforded GILE$ the luxury of renting his own apartment where he created a makeshift home studio in his closest and recorded his second mixtape, "Butterfly Effect".

Finally on his feet and into his home studio stimulated tracks like "The Real", a letter addressed to his city of Cincinnati, detailing his evolution as he begins to hone in on his rap style and migrate back to his original love for street lyrics in artists like E-40 and DMX. Another hit from this tape, "Big Homie", gives the listener insight into GILE$ childhood where he encounters individuals who hustle illegally, yet endeavor to point him in a different direction.
As a lifestyle rapper, inspired by the likes of Curren$y and Nipsey Hussle, Peter Parker 513 tells his day to day true life story as a hustler, businessman and conscious thought leader from a rough past. GILE$ main goal as an artist is to continue to get better at his craft and one day makes a song that’s good enough to be accepted by people as a classic hip hop song, and through the process create a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle for his family.  

Recorded in a professional studio, Peter Parker 513's newest mixtape release, "Manifest Hustle vol. 1" is his best effort so far and truest reflection of his talent. With bangers like "Ghetto Spider" and "The Motivation," this tape is a well-rounded expression of GILE$ life and thoughts.

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