Saturday, January 14, 2012

QR Codes For The Indie Musicians of The Future

The indie musicians of the future have technologies unlike ever before. I think it's important I let you know more about my connection to social media and the roles it plays in my life and in my pursuit to become a successful musician and entrepreneur. I was bit by the radio active bug back in 2008, before then I had never wrote raps or song lyrics nor ever imagined I'd want to, or be where I am today. I can remember being on Facebook when I was at the University of Cincinnati and you had to have an edu email and be a college student to sign up, and like everyone else, I loved how all of a sudden you could keep in touch with long lost friends, make new connections across the country, and put yourself out there with a real chance of having people hear your voice. I can also vividly remember thinking, this cuts the middle man out! lol. No matter what market you're in, social media allows anyone with a product or service to reach and speak directly to potential customers. They didn't have any classes on this in school. I dropped out, haven't been the same since, and the student is now teacher.

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