Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Should Artist and Indie Musicians Use Samples in Their Music?

In today's music world, it's a very common thing for an established artist and up-and-comers alike to use samples in their music. Just to put this into perspective, I thought I'd mention that one of my favorite rappers, one of the most successful producers on the planet; Kanye West has basically built his career off sampling. Now the question of whether or not sampling is right or wrong has probably been going on for a lot longer than I've been alive, so today this post is not meant to address that issue. I'm writing this because I was inspired by this video to basically regurgitate in my own words what I got from it. 

1. Try to avoid sampling at all cost!
2. If you want to sample a song or a peace of a song its best for you legally to either rerecord the peace yourself or hire someone who can best duplicate the parts you want to sample, then use that sample.
3. It's better to do a RE-make of a song then to sample! You will have a better chance of making money off that song.
4. Just because you have bought certain wrights to a song never means that you can use any previous recordings of that song!
5. Don't Sample! It takes a vast amount of resources that 99% of artist just don't have.

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