Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How Do I Become a Good Blogger?

 This video was very inspiring to me. As you can see--my blogging skills need work. Haha. Every thing that I'm doing with my life as far as building my platform and brand as an artist and entrepreneur is a never ending, ever evolving, learning experience. Very much like one big experiment. Honestly I stared this blog because it just made sence and was a necessary stepping stone to get to where I see myself in the future. A big part of my dream is to be an outlet and a voice to people who feel like i do, people that are asking the same questions I am, and come from places I did, where computer literacy just kinda skipped a generation or two, and the term social media is still very fuzzy to most people anyway. With that being said, right now I know just as much about blogging as you do, and I think I'm the hitt or miss blogger that Michael is talking about in the video. Haha. Always the best info on social media at:

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