Saturday, April 20, 2013

How Can Facebook Help my Business?

If you have any kind of business, you need to get yourself a Facebook Page. What page you get depends on what it is you do, who you are; if you are a musician, selling products, etc. Just make sure to keep yourself constantly updated, since Facebook is constantly changing. 

 These are benefits of using Facebook for your business: 

  • You can use it to gather people who like your business, music, writing, or whatever it is you do. That means that you have your customers collected in one place. 
  • It is easy for your customers or "fans" to just click a button without much thinking 
  • If you get enough likes--it will be a testimony on how great you, your business, or your products are. It is something to put on your resume! 
  • You can get an unlimited number of likes
  • If you have some money in your budget for advertising--facebook is a great advertising tool. It let's you focus in on your target market. You can read more on Facebook Advertising if you click HERE 
  • You can share whatever content you want. It can be videos, photos, links, etc. Be creative! Everyone who liked your page will get it instantly in their newsfeed. You can read more on what content to share HERE
  • You get, what Facebook call "Insights" where you get detailed information about your "fans"; you can see where they are located, age, etc. There is also information on how many people that was reached by the content you share. 
  • You can build customized application on your page. You can choose to either use already existing apps, like YouTube, or you can build them completely yourself. Have a contact form, a link to your website, your music, or whatever else you would like to share with your audience.
  • Your audience can post right on your wall. They can share their experiences, share their own links, compliment, or give you advice. It is testimonials right on your page! 
  • Your audience can like, comment, and share your content. If they like one of your videos, they might share it with all of their friends! 
  • If you have a physical location of you business, people can "check-in". That tells their friends that they like your business.
  • If you have any questions about what Facebook can do for you, please do ask me.

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