Monday, April 29, 2013

Who Is

Right now, more then ever, I'd say that the hustler spirit is alive and well on Hollywood Blvd. It's like the character, Money Mitch said in one of my favorite gangsta movies, Paid in Full: "This is the stage, if you was here then you was definitely somebody and I was there". That's right, I consider the Blvd to be the stage and with this post I'd like to shine some light on one of my fellow comrades. BELLEZ. This dude is definitely a true hustler, on the block consistently pushing his album and gettin top dolla! Hahah I gotta respect that! Real recognize real so being that we both young bosses with our own independent brands and merchandise, he blessed me with one of his new "my name ring BELLEZ's" T shirts in exchange for one my exclusive flattop head logo T's. We are two soldiers of the same struggle and I strongly encourage y'all to go and support his movement.

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