Friday, September 12, 2014

I will Persist I Will Succeed Today Is A Day Of Completion

I dropped the ball for a lil minute, but I'm back. I give thanks to The Most High and the positive love, energy and influences of the people closest to me. 

I am again ready. I pick up my cross and carry myself with faith into a future with a drastically healthier and more spiritually balanced lifestyle. To truly seek the kingdom, I believe you must first realize your oneness with God. Though this oneness you learn to love yourself as you know the Spirit of Divine love has guided you the whole way. 

I believe God made me a hustler at birth and I consider everything I do to be apart of my hustle, whether it's writing rhymes, listening to beats, going to the gym, doing yoga, selling my mixtapes on foot up 'n down Hollywood blvd or reading my favorite self help books over and over again. My life is dedicated to the hustle and I consider this blog another outlet and means of bringing you into my world and ways of thinking. This is my hustle family. Welcome.

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