Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Thoughts From The Mind Of the 513 Hustler

I activate the the laws of attraction in everything that I do and I know with 100% faith that it's working. I can feel my thoughts getting stronger and I know that every person and situation in my life is a direct result of the thoughts and feelings I've clung to in past. 

My goal for this post is not to attempt to teach you how or why the laws of attraction work but rather just show you how I use them in my everyday life. Everybody remembers collage art day in grade school. The teacher pulls out stacks on stacks of old magazines from her supply closet and gives each student a poster bored. They are told to cut and paste all the things he or she wants to be or get out of life. 

This exercise has stuck win me my entire life and in my mind, what it comes down to, is this: How much time do you spend thinking about the things you want?  It is so easy to fall into the trap of be overly focused on daily obligations (which tend to be mostly negative) that we don't spend enough time thinking about where we are going and where we want to go. We can't see the grand vision. This grand vision is what pulls us forward. 

I have a visualization wall to help keep my mind in a high place. It helps me to reprogram my subconscious mind and I naturally begin to spend more time thinking about the things I want, rather than my vain present moment dilemma. 

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