Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to Drink More Water Daily?

Over the past year or so I have been working to improve areas of my life especially surrounding my health, so along with my vegetarian and sometimes vegan diet I have been trying to drink MUCH more water. I don't need to go into all the health benefits, I think it's safe to say that it's common knowledge that the more water you drink, the healthier you are.

I will say that sodas, sugary drinks, coffee, and alcohol are all equally as addictive and tear down your body. The good thing is that once you make a conscious choice to start drinking more water, your body immediately thanks you for it by giving you more energy, improving your digestion, clearing your skin, and helping your mental focus and alertness.

It has always been hard for me to drink water consistently, until I came across this amazing app that I want to share with you guys today. It's called "Water Drink Reminder" and it's FREE. Basically it starts you off with a daily set goal of fluid ounces based on your weight which you can change to add more or less if you like. The app allows you to keep track of exactly how much you intake by including a variety of different cups and vessels that you may be drinking out of throughout the day. It shows a regular kitchen cup (9oz), what looks like a fast food type cup (12oz), a Gatorade bottle (20oz) up to your larger hiking type bottle (24oz) all of which are also customizable if you have a container that you use every day and know how many ounces it is.

The best part for me, being busy and on the go, is the alarm that comes much like a text message every hour, but instead of a message you receive a little picture of the bottle reminding you to drink. Once you hydrate you just add the little plus sign on the bottom and it adds to your daily drinking total. I find it to be extremely motivating because it makes it like a game and you can compete with yourself from day to day. Plus, a yearly graph chart is incorporated into the app which breaks your progress from month to month and week to week, including averages. You can also track your weight within the app.

It's compatible with Social Media platforms so you can share your success which I think is super cool because people always like to see exactly how someone is doing something in order to help see themselves do the same thing. As you know by now I'm always about showing you guys exactly how or what I'm doing at a particular time to stay motivated as I develop a healthier lifestyle. Look out for my logged in ounces on Facebook and Twitter. You can do it too, take action and improve your health now with a water drinking app! Let me know what it does for you!

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