Saturday, April 15, 2017

Music Success in 9 Weeks: Week 8

Definitely trying to knock out this Music Success in 9 Weeks book before the release of my newest music. It's been a few years since I have put anything out, so I am really excited to have a real well-rounded product and I am using the content of this book to put my best foot forward when it comes to learning how to be successful right away. Now that we are in the final chapters, the information is all pretty new to me.

This chapter is all about creating a continuum program for your core fan base. In other words, getting them to buy from you consistently and repeatedly. And the first thing to note is that the following info will not be effective unless you have previously built relationships with your fans and they trust you. Most importantly is your email list.

Now it's time to create a Funnel that starts with your freebie (e.g. MP3 for email address) and gradually trickles down to more and more expensive offerings. What comes to mind first for me is merchandise. T-shirts, sweat pants, sox...I definitely see myself getting into the street wear game soon and I imagine my fans will be in tune with that vibe as well. As a higher tier continuum program for fans, I can see myself doing some kind of sneaker of the month club in which I design a T-shirt to match whatever Jordans are coming out and make it available only to those that pay the $2-$3/ month to be in the club.

The next subject Hyatt touches on is fan funding or crowd sourcing which you can create through websites like Indie GoGo, Kickstarter, Pledge Music and Rockethub. The key to being successful with fan funding is to set a reasonable dollar amount goal, know your fans, have a rapport with them, and recognize that it's just as much about their experience of being part of your community and the shared journey as it is about you reaching your goal. I did actually attempt a Kickstarter a while back and failed because at that time I didn't really understand that I needed to have a relationship with my fans and a foundation set in place prior to asking them for money.

Overall, I appreciate how this chapter clearly shows you how your music translates into financial success. It's teaching you how to convert your buzz into actual profit. I'm not quite ready to implement all of this but I know I will be ready when the time is right.

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