Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Weed and Weight Loss?

I found this article recently and since I have been thinking along the lines of investing in the marijuana industry it was interesting to read about this new potential intersection between industries.

Essentially the articles explains that a variant of TCH called TCHV could have incredible applications for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes because of it's appetite suppression side effects. There is not much science on it yet but since the weight loss and marijuana industries are both worth about $60 billion a year, it's definitely something to keep in mind.

It's clear that the medicinal qualities of marijuana are still being discovered. It's becoming more and more accepted as it becomes legal for medical use in more states across the country and across the world and I'm extremely excited by the Marijuana "Green Rush" in general. Obviously I love smoking weed, and making money so those two plus the possibility of it helping a lot of people with serious health issues makes it a God sent in my opinion.

Check out the full article here: Can CBDs Found in Marijuana Be an Alternative Treatment to Diabetes

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