Thursday, December 29, 2011

Peter parker 513 TV- Hustle and flow.. Season one episode #13 KNOCK KNOCK!! HELLO IT'S ME HUSTLE

I was born in Compton, CA, but raised in Cincinnati, OH, (the 513). As I look at this video for the first time in a while since I made it, the major feeling I get is gratitude. Anyone who knows me, or that I come across knows I love the 513, its who I am, its the city that I represent. But when I look at all the CD's in this video, now long gone, and think about all the people that show me support on the streets of Hollywood, I cant help but to feel lucky just be here and to have made it this far. The locals do show love, but the big majority come from music lovers and hip hop fans from all over the world. From places like Australia, Germany, UK, Russia, China, Japan, Sweden, Africa, France, Denmark and Norway, and thats just what quickly comes to mind. Lol. If you have one of these CD's I sincerely thank you with all that i have.

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