Friday, February 10, 2012

How To Donate On (step-by-step guide)

Some of my people has had a hard time donating to my project on Kickstarter, so I figured I'll explain it step-by-step for you all. Here is a link to my project page: 

Step 1: Go to the project's main page and click the green button on the right side that says: "BACK      THIS PROJECT". See picture below.

Step 2: You will arrive at this page where you can enter how much you want to donate. This is where you can enter a certain amount yourself, or pick one of the rewards from the list. See picture below.

Step 3: After you have picked how much to donate, you go to the bottom of the page and click the button that says: "CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP". See picture below.

Step 4: Now you arrive to the login page. You have to be logged in to Kickstarter to be able to make a donation. Here you can choose whether to connect you facebook (which would be the easiest thing to do), or if you want to fill out the form in the middle, or if you already have a Kickstarter account. See picture below.

Step 5: You are now at the very last step. This page says: A lot of you might not already have an amazon account, so you have to create one on the next step. Here is a link to the post I created: "How to create an Amazon Account". See picture below. 

Step 6: Congratulations, you have now helped me fulfill my dream. I thank you so much, and I a forever grateful. You can tell that you are a backer by looking at the right corner again. you will see a little sticker that says: "YOU'RE A BACKER" See picture below.

Again, you can find my project by clicking on this link: 

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