Saturday, August 11, 2012

How To Build Your Own Recording Studio?

I picked up a pair of Beats By Dr. Dre headphones today. Right now I feel real good about my progression towards having my own transportable recording studio ;) Mmm, I can almost taste my inevitable independence. Today's pick-up was a pretty big one I guess, every studio has to have headphones right? 
It's might seem like a simple addition, but my decision to go with these actually took some thought though. Now, unless you been under a Rock for the past few years, you know that the studio headphone industry is booming. Honestly, Dr. Dre's decision to design and put his name on a pair of headphone was pure genius. Looking at it through my business eyes--the partnership with monster and Dre pushed the brand that is Dr. Dre to an entirely new level. Really, it was like he took a page out of one of Donald Trump's books. Just like Trump revolutionized the way people looked at real estate in the 80s, sales reputation in the 90s, and personal branding in the new millennium. Dr. Dre has forever changed the headphone game. Now you can buy head phones designed by all your favorite artist such as 50 Cent, Ludacris, Lady Gaga, and Nick Cannon, just to name a few.
They all claim to be best. At first I shied away from the beats because I'm not one to just jump on the band wagon or believe in the hype, but I gotta say that these headphones are an investment. Studio quality, comfortable, durable, and the bass is amazing.

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