Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who Is Joanne Salt?

I'm excited to switch things up a little bit with this week's shout out post. Since day one, Joanne Salt has been one of my most loyal supporters and good friends, but yesterday when she showed me this amazing hand drawn photo I was compelled to express my gratitude. I honestly feel like the dreams I chase are my destiny, so I constantly feel this burning flame of ambition inside me that I've learned to fan by setting small short term goals, and even smaller micro goals that keep me motivated and moving forward. Now with all that being said, I still can't begin to tell you, about how hard it is to put yourself out there as an artist. At times, the judgment and
different situations of your family and friends alone can be enough to make anyone have doubts. So Joanne! I want to say thank you again so much. Not only for taking the time to draw me or for supporting everything I do musically, but for being the truly amazing individual that you are. Keep sending those positive vibes out into the world and universe. I wish you and your family nothing but health, wealth, and prosperity. God bless you ;)

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