Sunday, May 26, 2013

Social Media Tips for Musicians

  Think of creative ways to Hunt down your fans!
You must be willing to go out and hunt for your audience, we all know by now the power of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Now it's time for you to start tapping into that power by hunting down your fans. Search out the artist and bands you sounds like and reach out the their fans. If you sound like Chris Brown--go find him on twitter, then go to his fans and tweet them your links. The idea is to give yourself a better chance at getting to the people who are into your style of music.  
If you sound like Jay-Z, get on Youtube and go to his videos and leave comment and interact with his fans. Chances are if you leave sincere comments and ask, people will check out your channel and maybe subscribe as well. This is something I'm just now realizing more and more myself, but it's the love for music that is the common ground that connects artist and fan.

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