Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who Is Peter Parker 513?

The Independent International hustler!! haha pls say the 513!!!! 
                It's messages like this that keep me going! big S/O to my boyz!   @TsubasaLizuka! 
 "hi, I am tsubasa, Japanese.I am DJ in Japan n boy!@you gave me your demo in front of chinese theater. I really like your style, Chillin, Jazzy n makes me relaxed. I couldnt understand perfectly what you rap, but I did feel it. thats badass. I'm still in LA, but can i spin your shits at clubs in Tokyo after going back to Japan! "

S/O to my Brother! @Shanou Balafre 

  " I saw you on Hollywood Blv last year, I took a picture with you and and I gave you 10$ for you CD! I'm still listening right now and I live in France, I shared it with my friends and they all love it! People listen to you all over France, in Canada and all that, so keep up the good work, peace! "
"Wow brother I'm so touched by you sharing my picture! I mean all what you say is so true, it's touchy, it makes you think twice before being an idiot! The lyrics are beautiful, the beats are great, the clips are cool, now in France everybody as heard of Peter Parker, of 513, of Ohio and of Cincinnati. I listen to it in my car, when I'm at work in my headphones, when I'm in a party I put 513 at the maximum volume! Haha you know what I mean, I'm not affraid of saying that I'm one of your biggest fans bruh, as I said keep up the good work and whenever you'll have a bad time, say to yourself that lots of people including me think of you every single day, and that at all hours people are listening to your tracks! 

" The more money more problems and don't solve them it don't change ♪ " #PeterParker513 #Likethispagebitches"

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