Monday, September 12, 2016

How Do You Stay Motivated By Making Short Term Goals?

Today I want to write about the helpfulness of setting short term goals, and how I use this habit to keep me focused on the big picture. Living in Hollywood has taught me so much about what it truly takes to be successful and there is a lot of noise out here that can knock you off.

It's very sad to say, but if you where to walk up and down the streets of Hollywood you'd find countless homeless people, addicts and people who have just lost their minds. The majority are just kids younger then me. They all came here in search of a dream, in exactly the same way that I have.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful that I've got the this crazy 513 hustle mentality witch has allowed me to develop and a life style and the skills I need to get paid in the streets everyday. Then again thats just the thing, I've been hustling the streets for five years and now and on the surface it seems like I've made no real moves towards what anybody would call real success in the music industry.

I hardly care what people think and I'm well aware that success is a state of mind. I love short term goals for this reason. They set you up for long term success. Allow me to give you and example. All the money I make selling CD's are technically donations which means in order to stay within the law, I am not allowed to tell people a certain set price. The customers can pay the amount they feel is right.

I have 20 songs on my mixtape, so I usually feel most people can give $20 which is only $1 dollar a song. Sounds fair enough right? But lets just say at the very least I get $5 per CD. Not a very motivating number right? But let say I sell only 30 CD's per day at $5 a piece, this turns out to be $150 per day. $150 per day add's up to $4,500 per month. $4,500 per month add's up to $54k per year and that's more than most people with degrees make and even my old teachers didn't make $50k! Lol. So you see, now I'm feeling motivated!

By setting short term goals you're able to find success in everything you do. I guess I'd define a short term goal as something similar to what Ariel Hyatt talks about in Music Success in 9 Weeks. (Read more in one of my previous posts.) Writing down 5 small successes each day, that eventually accumulate. Sell 30 CD's each day for at least $5 each and eventually that will accumulate into $50k!!!

Now how can you apply a similar principle to your larger goals? If you want to lose 20 lbs can you break it down to 1-2l bs per day? Or what if you wanted to write a book. Try 5 pages per day. Set short term goals and be proud of yourself when you accomplish these seemingly small successes. That's the journey towards victory!

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