Thursday, October 20, 2016

Music Success in 9 Weeks: Week 6 BLOGGING

This chapter of Music Success in 9 Weeks really gets me excited. Up until this point (with the exception of the pitch (Week 2) some of the website stuff (Week 3) I feel like I already had a pretty good handle on what it was she was asking me to do. For the first time I've learned something completely new about Blogging strategies.

Of course, since you're reading it right now, you know I already have a blog and while I could definitely be more consistent I do a fairly decent job of posting regularly. And I have known the impact a blog can have when it comes to building your brand.

What I haven't been doing that much of is reading other blogger's blogs and interacting with them by leaving thoughtful comments much like you would on any other social media site. This is the chapters first bit of advice. To create your RSS reader (I used The Old Reader and DISQUS which isn't exactly a reader but has a similar idea) An RSS reader makes it possible for you to get information from blogs and websites that you read regularly to come to you instead of having to search it out. For more details check out this video:

Next, you need to set up your Blog reader profile. This will show that you have visited a blog, even if you don't comment, your photo/ logo etc will appear thus making you memorable to the blogging community. Once these are set up, start to add blogs that interest you as well as relate to your brand into your RSS reader, and start engaging.

The next section was also new to me, "How to get reviewed on Blogs." First, the author suggests making a list of 10-20 blogs that you would like to be reviewed on that relate to you and your music. This BlogSearch Website can help. Then, as I have already mentioned, it's important to treat blogs similar to Facebook or Twitter. You get attention when you comment and like people's posts. So read a lot of blogs and comment about what the blogger has written, ask a question, or express your opinion. Remember not to make these comments self promotional. Build a relationship. Then once they get to know you and trust you, you will have the opportunity to ask if they would be willing to review your music on their blog. Finally, Hyatt also suggests attending conferences such as SXSW Interactive, BlogHer, and BlogWorld & New Media Expo to meet bloggers face to face.

Starting your own blog is the best and way to get involved and is also extremely beneficial for artists. If you don't already have a blog, I recommend Other options include Wordpress, Tumblr, HostBaby, and Bandzoogle. Since it is much like an online diary it gives your fans insight into more personal "backstage" areas of your life (yet you still have the ability to control how personal it gets) so your fans stay connected. Here is another post of mine that may be helpful as you start your blog.

Further, a blog will expand your Google index so people can find you even if they aren't specifically searching for your music. Your blog also creates content for your Facebook, Twitter and ReverbNation pages, post everywhere!! By having your own blog and adding a blogroll of blogs you read regularly to it, you gain credibility with other bloggers. Finally, you can use your blog to get feedback from fans, ask them questions that you're struggling with!

There is a lot of great info in here, so I hope it's as inspiring for you as it was for me! Good luck.

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