Monday, October 17, 2016

Wiz Khalifa Launches BASH Clothing Line with His Son

I have been a big Wiz Khalifa fan for a long time, and I'm always inspired by a lot of the moves he makes business wise. This past Saturday, October 15 he and his son launched, BASH, their capsule collection of men's and boy's clothes in partnership with Junk Food Clothing. It seems like the ventures Wiz is a part of are always something he feels genuinely passionate about and cares about, BASH is of course no exception.

The fact that he did this with his son is incredible because Bash then gets the business experience at such an early age. He gets the memories of doing it with his Dad, he gets the confidence and he gets recognition for actually helping to create this clothing by by drawing some of the designs himself!!

Ultimately, in my mind, this a shining example of why all artist need to put as much attention and time into developing their personal brand as well as their music. It's the brand identity which makes you easily accessible to do collaborations and explore business ideas that are outside the box. Every rapper has a clothing line these days, but few can say they designed theirs with their three year old son. Just thought this to be super fucking cool and I had to show it to ya'll. Shout out to for dropping this the full story HERE. #TGOD

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