Saturday, March 4, 2017

Health Conscious Kid's Books By Dr. Pooch

For all the crazy people, vendors, and characters that show up on Hollywood Boulevard, every once in a while you come across a person with an idea or talent that really stands out. Generally, when I'm out on the block I'm in hustle mode only and rarely entertain non-CD selling interactions, but the other day was different.

I saw this brother setting up a table with his own series of healthy children's books. If you've read my blog over the last year or so you know that I have made the lifestyle change into being vegetarian and am taking steps everyday towards switching to Vegan as well, so this is obviously a topic that I feel strongly about. His name is Dr. Pooch and he has created educational and entertaining children's books focused around getting kids interested and excited about health and wellness at an early age.

I feel it's extremely important to invest in these kinds of business ventures and make these ideas cool for kids. I think because of the smart phones, social media, video games, fast food etc etc it becomes hard to convince a younger person or a kid that being health conscious is really whats cool, so when I saw Dr. Pooch with these books I immediately wanted to see what he was all about.

After looking at his website, I'm really impressed with his business mind. He's created his own publishing company, Dr. Pooch Publishing, and also has the books for sale on Amazon. In addition, he and his team lead workshops on Urban Farming, Holistic Health and Literacy among others for educators, community centers and other organizations.

Overall this is just a super dope concept from a conscious brother with a great purpose and I look forward to seeing his success and buying some books for myself. Check him out on Instagram @dr_pooch for more info and buy from his website or Amazon!!! Thank you Dr. Pooch, keep up the great work Brother!

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