Saturday, March 11, 2017

"ili" - The Wearable Translator is Fire

A lot of ya'll might know this, some of ya'll that are new might not, but I have been pushing my mixtape on Hollywood Boulevard for the last few years. I have been fortunate to meet people from all over the world that speak all different languages and the language barrier can be a challenge when it comes to getting my message across to the customers. Over the years I have learned certain words and key phrases that allow me to relate to foreign language speakers but I recently discovered this new piece of technology that could take my hustle game to a whole new level.

The "ili" is a wearable translator. It's about the size of a candy bar and translates on the spot. It does not need Wifi or any internet connection. Initially it supports English, Chinese and Japanese but you'll be able to update as more languages are added according to demand. It's not yet on the market but you can sign up to be on the waitlist. Rumored to be available for purchase Summer 2017. Check out the video below. This is super dope.

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