Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Air Jordan 1 All Blue Suede

I don't even know if these are out already, I suspect that they might be by now, but I actually can't find the official release dates online. I didn't even know about them when I walked into one of my favorite stores in Hollywood, Drip LA and they just happened to be sitting on the shelf! The sales homie told me that they hadn't been released yet but Drip was letting them go early and I knew I had to have them! Not to mention according to the articles I did see, if they were released, they were only supposed to be in GS sizing. Looks like I got lucky!

In my opinion, Air Jordan brand has really done it again with this all blue on blue premium suede midcut AJ 1. Right off the bat the shoe stands out in your hands. If you're a sneaker head and you love Jordan's then you know that the quality can sometimes be a hit or miss type of thing, but on these you can clearly see that they are on the level. The blue is a bright royal blue and I'm giving them the nickname of the "All Money In" one's because they that Crenshaw Blue and they remind me of some shit that Nipsey might rock.

Supposedly the suede 1's come out in a set of three, which is this blue, the fire red and a cool grey. I'm not sure about the grey but I can imagine that if I come across a red pair, I'll probably have to add them to my collection. Check them all out here and here and here.

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