Saturday, March 18, 2017

Running = Hustler Motivation

Since my Bball practice days, I have always enjoyed running. As I have gotten older it's become more of a therapeutic type of activity. If you follow my Instagram account, then you know and are maybe a lil bit annoyed by my constant mile time posts, but for me it has been one of the most motivating things I have done to start this year. When I start my day off with a nice run, it seems to make the rest of the day easier. I feel accomplished early on in the day, I have more energy, I'm more alert and more focused. Overall, it just sets the stage for the positive energy to flow.

From a healthy lifestyle perspective, running has become a place where I can really push myself and set the bar, preparing me for my whole workout. After a couple weeks of consistency, when I get to a place that I'm happy with as far as speed and distance, I build in the rest of my workout (lifting, push-ups, yoga). Seeing my progress from day to day as my time gets faster and faster is so motivating!

On top of that, I love maximizing the benefits of my run by also using the time to listen to new music. The music in combination with not looking down at the clock until at least 4-5 songs have passed makes it seem easier and faster. It's a hustler's mind game, but it works for me! Check out my 2 mile times below...from 23.50 down to 14:30 !!

Running provides the perfect base for everything else that I do, including the Hustle. To me, running on the treadmill is almost exactly the same thing as selling my mixtape on The Boulevard, because when you're out there, you have to go through so many "No's" until you get a "Yes!" and it can be very challenging. When I'm running, my body starts to tell me "No!", it says to stop, that's enough, but when I push through and find myself still running, it's all "Yes!" Every "No" is one step closer to a "Yes", and every mile is one step closer to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Boom! Let's Get it!

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