Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Thank You to My Core Supporters: Manifest Hustle COMING SOON!

With inspiration from Music Success in 9 Weeks I came up with a plan for releasing my new music and the first piece of that plan was to drop the artwork. Since practically the first page, this book has focused on engagement. Engagement with fans, with other musicians, with bloggers and with partners. Eager to put this knowledge into play, I made a list of about 150 people of my Facebook Friends that I thought would be most likely to help me out and drafted an explanation of my vision for unveiling the album art for my new mixtape through their social media networks.

Reaching out to these people definitely took me out of my comfort zone. A lot of them are people that I hadn't spoken to in while, but it's been so long since I have released new music that I was curious to see who was interested and willing to be a part of my journey. Other than my Mom, Brother and Sisters, and immediate family, I had no idea who would actually respond and agree to help, but I was inspired and grateful for the number of people that replied and genuinely appreciated the idea.

For those that agreed, I sent them the album art along with instructions for how to post with my hashtags. The plan was people that I know, or am friends with on Facebook, but that I didn't reach out to, would see the artwork from other people in our shared network and create a little bit of buzz, and I believe it's working.

So thank you to every single person that participated in the release of my album art. I am so thankful to have done it this way because it was the first step in making that genuine connection with the people that are my true supporters. As per Week 8 of Music Success, I want to continue to get feedback from this core group of people. In my mind, if you shared this on your profile you have the right to help me mold and shape this music, so please reach out, leave comments, criticism, be active in this process so I can continue to keep you involved.

Manifest Hustle is the first of many new releases to come, but this release represents the making of the switch from music as a hobby to music as a profession. It's coming with a brand new website, and music video to kick everything off. In my mind, it is truly the tip of the iceberg and this is where the hard work actually starts. I'm not claiming to be the best rapper alive but I am claiming to be the best me. I built this vision through faith, positive energy, and pure hustle, and that is what I want people to sense when they see this artwork. I want to inspire people to manifest their hustle. Whatever that is, that dream, goal, life aspiration, I hope my music motivates something in you.

So thank you to:

Pat tepe
Ivey hedges
GTP Steele
Arron Campero
Amanda oWodrow
Xavier Sanchez
Jessica Campero
Joanne Salt
Jeff Holland
Youngace Fiveonethree
Scott LaKid
Josh mvi
Matt Heimbold
Mary Thomas
Issac Kabengele
Jimi Skwlkr
London Christopher Dicks
Mofab Bbr DoinHer
Christina Stegeman
Longway Longway
Aimee Collins
Oxlo Esastus
Kingsley Issac
Jason Opplinger
Candice Ross
James Frazier
Angie Campero
Nina Gibson
Brittney Miller
Carla Barwick
Mike Sexton
Shannon Loadholt
Julia Ward
Kristen Allen
Ashton Belle
Nadja Glassel
Lisa Carnes

People are still tagging and posting as I type, if you're reading this and haven't got around to posting, please do! If you're someone who I forgot to reach out to, please message me, I'm still sending the artwork out for people to post.

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