Sunday, May 7, 2017

Music Success Week 9: The Real World. That's a Wrap!

Lot's of exciting completions to report in this blog. I have finished my first pass through Music Success in 9 Weeks by Ariel Hyatt and along with that my NEW MUSIC is now available on my NEW WEBSITE (which you are looking at right now) . Listen to Manifest Hustle !!!

(Music Success in 9 Weeks + The Original hand-drawn Artwork for Manifest Hustle vol. 1)

Now, as I mentioned in my previous post, though a lot of work has been done to bring these projects to fruition, in my mind, now is when the real hard work actually begins. Since it has been so long since I have released new music, this first mixtape in a series of many to drop this year was just about getting the music out and getting back in connection with my fans. I'm so grateful to this Music Success book for putting so much emphasis on that aspect of being an artist.

Week 9 gets real as the author discusses a wide range of topics from Networking, Press Kits, writing press releases plus finding and utilizing a publicist. As I read through the final stage of this information, I am thankful that I will have many opportunities to apply the steps more thoroughly with each new mixtape and album I release.

For so many years, I felt overwhelmed and I wanted to make excuses for why I wasn't ready to make new music, why I couldn't find beats, or producers or studios, but using Music Success in 9 Weeks not only gave me great content for my blog, but has given me a solid set of guidelines to make it all seem easier. I feel more equipped to continue this process, keep my fans involved, maximize my social media presence and start promoting in the right way so I can eventually make money from my music.

Some key points to note about Week 9: The Real World. When networking, think outside the box and attend events, parties, and social situations that align with your industry. For example, attending an event for musicians could help you find new band members but probably won't get you gigs. Going to a bridal convention, on the other hand, could help you book weddings. When you meet someone, make the conversation about them, ask them questions, and get a business card, then FOLLOW UP!! Following up is one of the most important things you can do that will make you stand out since most people don't. Finally, make sure you have a business card but don't offer it unless it is asked for.

Though you may feel that a Press Kit only needs to be online, it's important to have a hard copy prepared just in case. Not to mention, most journalists and writers prefer to have a jewel cased CD sent to them for easy access along with all your other relevant information including an engaging 1-page bio with your pitch from Week 2 in the first paragraph, contact information, photos and reviews/quotes.

When it comes to PR, Hyatt outlines how to create your own professional Press Release for new music, tours or other notable information about you, which can be really useful if you decide to do most of your own publicity. Otherwise finding a publicist is the next step to really getting the word out about your music via the internet, magazines, and newspapers. Week 9 leaves you with some helpful tips on how to save money with your publicist once you choose one.

I have absorbed all of this information, but it sounds like it will be more relevant to me once I start doing shows and have a little more traction, so I look forward to reusing this book from start to finish as I continue to make and release more music more consistently. For now, please let me know what you think of Manifest Hustle and my new website. LISTEN HERE!!!

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