Monday, March 14, 2016

All Hustle, No Luck...

Working Hollywood Boulevard everyday has given me an incredible opportunity to meet so many different types of people, from all walks of life. Tourists from across the country and others from across the world. With each sale, I ask my customers to hold my CD up and pose for a photo. I post these photos every day on my Facebook Fan Page to show my gratitude to all the generous people who were willing to take a chance on my music and give me a shot. Thank you again. I feel truly blessed. When I go back and look at these pictures they give me strength and  motivation to keep going. 

I first started pushing my mixtape to get off the streets. To escape homelessness. It can be overwhelming and flat out scary as an out-of-towner, coming to LA and aspiring to stand on your own two feet while carving out the vision for your dreams. When I look at these photos they will always remind me that there is no one road to success and that every person has their own path. And because of these amazing like-minded people I'm very happy to say that I believe I have found mine. 

When I met you, I told you that I was the Hustler from Cincinnati and no matter what you thought of my music I'd continue to put in the work in order to get to the next level. Today, I write this post humbly yet confidently. Our time is coming family... stay true.. stay down... stay hungry.


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