Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Go With the Flow...

I  make my own hours, I don't have a boss and I make more money than most people who went to school for their profession. On top of that this hustle allows me to create a fan base while pursuing my dream of being a performing artist. But. Believe it or not some days I take it for granted. Some days I wish that I was somewhere else or that I had made different decisions or that I was further along in my music career. Some days it's just depressing. Looking around seeing all the homeless people and drug addicts, seeing all the different types of scams that go on all around me and questioning if I am any different. Am I just a 2 bit hustler?

And on those days there is always someone that reminds me that I'm unique and special they remind me that I'm worth it. This homeless man watched my hustle from across the street and said he was inspired by how I did it and had to come give me his last $10. I told him "Stay positive, the tables always turn, hard times never last long." I have a feeling this guy won't be homeless for long. A few years ago I was in the same spot. I'm happy to have come so far and I'm gaining momentum every day and encounters like this definitely keep me humble.

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