Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Music Success in 9 Weeks: Week 2 - The Pitch

The second week of Music Success in 9 Weeks in geared toward creating your "Pitch" or what some might know as your "Elevator Pitch". A short description of who you are, your brand and what you sound like.  When you are a new artist on the scene people need to have a point of reference in order to connect and become a potential fan. The pitch is no longer than 15 seconds and this chapter guides you through how to create one perfect for you.

The first step is to write down all the basic info about you as an artist. All the genres you play, all the artists other people say you sounds like, as well as all of your favorite influences including authors, books, movies, people, and places etc. Finally you write down the energetic vibes you want expressed through your music. From here, you choose the elements of this scratch paper that feel like they fit the most and begin working out a few ideas. I recommend inviting trusted friends to help you, more brains more ideas, more creativity.

My paper read something like this:
Hip-hop, Rap, Soul, Jazz, Positive, Ohio, Hollywood, Spoken word, Cincinnati, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Currensy, Tupac, Kid Cudi, Fresh Prince, Lupe Fiasco, Big Daddy Kane, the Simpsons, Basketball, SEGA, Metaphysics, The Game of Life and How To Play It, James Allen, Og Mandino, Florence Scovel Shinn, Robert Greene, Russel Simmons, Master P, Boss Life, Cash Money Records, Mos Def, Ice Cube, Spiderman, New Jack City, He Got Game, 80s Baby, Pacman, Retro Air Jordans, Conversational, lyrical, stoner, nerd, Weed music, blunts.... And the list goes on....

After a couple hours of back and forth, rewriting and marinating, I landed on: Peter Parker 513 is GILE$, a metaphysical Steve Urkel think DMX and Wiz Khalifa.

Once you settle on something make sure you love it. Say it out loud and repeat in the mirror. It has to feel like it is true to you. If you see, hear and read this pitch everywhere will you still love it? When you're sure, the last step is to post it to all of your social media sites and with that you've strengthened your brand as well as made yourself relatable to people watching.

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