Monday, August 1, 2016

How Do You Come Up With Good Blog Content?

While this is still something I am perfecting myself, I wanted to share some of my tips on how to create good, engaging content for your blog.

1. Set aside days and the perfect time for you to write your posts. Preferably a time when you feel most creative and also relaxed. For me, that's early in the morning so 6:00am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

2. Pick a list of 10-15 main topics that you feel will be helpful and entertaining to your readers. For Example, my topics include the music I love, hip-hop culture, fashion and the the swagg life style, social media tips for artist, Life Motivation, Blogging and branding tips for entrepreneurs, Faith spirituality and health, the music business, technology and trending news. 

3. Once you have those main topic categories, what you want to do is come up with as many sub topics as possible let's say 3-5 under each category. For example, if my category is "Music I love" I could have three subtopics 1. Review of the Latest Curren$y mix-tape 2. A spotlight on a fellow artist or musician 3. How Kid Cudi has influenced my style etc. So if you come up with ten main categories and you have five subtopics for each one, that's 50 blog post! More then enough to get you into your blogging zone.

4. Now that you have a bunch of fresh new topics to write about, the next step is to create your own editorial calendar. This just means planning out all the subtopics days in advance. So on Monday you will write about This and That and on Thursday you will write about That and This. Plan as far ahead as you can actually write it out on a real live paper calendar that you see everyday, or put it in your phone calendar with notifications and little blurbs that will inspire your writing. Alternatively, you can also list these topics ahead of time in your actual blogging platform, save them as drafts and then they will be ready to go as you need them. It saves a lot of time and alleviates that feeling of "I don't have anything to write about!!!" 

(This is what my "Drafts" section looks like currently, and this only shows 8 potential posts! I have about 35 titles with varying degrees of text already written in each one! A little bit each day is how you get it done. Don't feel overwhelmed! 

5. Here is a list of blogging styles to choose from. It's nice to be able to switch things up for your readers and give the opportunity to engage in your content. 
    > How to?
    > Top 10
    > Opinion
    > Q &A's
    > Interview
    > Review 

6. Always try to include at least one original photo (meaning one that you took yourself or one that you have rights to use.) 
7. Try and help the reader if you can, have fun and be yourself! I love writing and if your thinking about blogging, you do to! It's always easier to write about the things you love so start there!

P.S. One last bonus tip - if you title your Blogs in the form of a question, it is more likely to be picked up in Google. 

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