Saturday, August 6, 2016

Music Success in 9 Weeks: Week 3 - Website

As I get into week three of Music Success in 9 Weeks, I'm beginning to feel pretty proud of myself as I realize that I not only have already internalized a lot of this information, but have also implemented it successfully. So while my website definitely needs a revamp and possibly a new platform the nuts and bolts of what Ariel Hyatt is talking about are in place.

To break it down. As an artist you need a website to explain who you are, show off your brand and host all the necessary details about shows, merchandise, etc. Your website helps get you fans and make you money.

First you need a domain name. That's the obvious. I use GoDaddy, it's cheap and they have helpful customer service. When it comes to building a site there are lots of options from Bandzoogle to or of course you can pay someone to build you a website through wordpress. I personally, have been using my blogger as my fully functional website which has been working well for me so far, but I think I will be switching over to Wix in the near future as they have recently created a specific platform for musicians looking to sell music and merch.

(Here is a screen grab of my new website under construction)

Hyatt then details how to design your website in order to maximize it's effectiveness. Starting with branding your site with your color scheme and logo which match your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Front and center on your website is your pitch! Along with a Navigation bar including Bio/EPK, Buy Music, Tour Dates, Blog and Contact, plus some kind of FREE special offer for your fans (I'm working on this!) However, if you check out my website (where you're reading this right now) you will see I have all of these elements and by keeping it basic, it loads fast and makes it easy for people to cruise around.

I do have some work to do in this arena but with what I have put together I have given myself and my brand, Peter Parker 513 a good head start. I am already google index so whenever you type in my name into google you see everything you'd ever want to know about me. Stay tuned for my new site!

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